Structured Elements increases the overall efficiency of managing market definitions and product marketing information by providing clarity to the business process and the enterprise use of this information.

We offer powerful technology solutions and consulting services to simplify and streamline the market definitions management process..

Our innovative technology can transform your current business processes and provide the solution to:

  • Manage market information for reporting and analytics
  • Change market definition information
  • Increase the efficiency of the analytics process
  • Collaborate and communicate internally across business units
  • Collaborate and communicate externally to data providers

Markets definitions are a core function that drive and control business critical functions including:

  • Market Research
  • Analytics
  • Sales Reporting
  • Incentive Compensation

How do you know...

  • The product information you have?
  • What competitive products you track?
  • Who is responsible for specific products and markets?
  • Your reports are using the correct market definitions?
  • Changes in the products in the markets have been captured?
  • There are multiple market definitions with the same name?

Do you currently have…

  • Many owners managing multiple market definitions?
  • Confusion about how a market is defined across business units?
  • Confusion when one definition should be used and has been used?
  • Communication issues with data vendors?

Then please check out what we can do for you.

Business Clarity Through Creative Technology