Market Manager

Comprises two modular intuitive tools, Market Modeler and Market Communicator.

Individually and collectively the products add value because they are designed to:

  • Acknowledge that business is not static and the demand for timely and accurate information will increase not decrease.
  • Acknowledge that range of available information will also increase along with demand.
  • Integrate with and support existing applications where specific capabilities are inadequate, potentially increasing the longevity and return on the investment in such system(s).

Market Manager recognizes that within a business there are disparate needs from a tool to manage the same information. It has specifically been designed to:

  • Meet multiple needs by providing common shared views, business unit views and personal views.     
  • Enhance the communication process between business units with common information management needs.     
  • Increase the overall efficiency of managing information by providing clarity to the business process and the use of information.

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